Mercedes-Benz has confirmed that production of the Nissan Navara-based X-Class pick-up will end in May.

The X-Class was launched in 2017 and uses Nissan Navara underpinnings, but adds more luxury and the option of Mercedes’s own V6 engine. It is also produced in the same Barcelona factory as the Navara.

However, it struggled to find buyers, selling just 15,300 examples worldwide in 2019. As a result, Mercedes-Benz said in a statement: “It has been decided that from the end of May 2020, we will no longer produce this relatively young model.

“In our global product portfolio, the X-Class is a niche product which plays a great role in a few markets, including Australia and South Africa.”

The news doesn’t come as a surprise, as it was rumoured back in July 2019 that the X-Class was unlikely to be on sale for much longer.