The What Van? Road Test: Nissan NV300

Date: Monday, November 20, 2017   |   Author: Steve Banner

 Load bay

Detail -load -bay

If you regularly carry cargo that needs lashing down then this NV300 is the van for you.

Graced by two lights, our demonstrator’s 5.2m3 ply-lined load bay boasted no less than 16 tie-down points including two either side of the rear door and three on each side of the full-height steel bulkhead.

At the bottom of the bulkhead on the passenger side of the vehicle you will find a hatch. Flip it up and latch it into place using the magnetic catch and you can push extra-long items under the passenger seat, increasing the load floor’s useable length from 2,537mm to 2,967mm.

Pull up another hatch in the front of the seat plinth and you can push them all the way through to the footwell – always assuming, of course, that the passengers’ feet don’t get in the way. Doing so boosts the usable length to 3,750mm.

The twin back doors can be latched open at 90°and swung through 165° if you release the user-friendly door stays. The large handles found on all the doors, including the sliding nearside door, make them easy to open and shut when wearing thick working gloves.

Detail -load -hatch


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