Emerging triumphant from a tough shortlist is an innovation truly worthy of the name and extremely apposite in times that have seen our cities come under attack from DIY terrorists using vans as deadly weapons.

The Innovation Award for 2018 goes to Fleet Source: aligned closely to Transport for London (TfL), the road transport driver training specialist has developed the UK’s first Terrorism Risk and Incident Prevention (TRIP) suite of products and training services.

Fleet Source has designed TRIP to educate operators and their managers and drivers about the risks of terrorism, the nature of the threats they may be confronted with and the range of precautions they can take to significantly reduce the likelihood of their LCVs being hijacked or stolen and subsequently used in a terrorist attack.

Following the recent vehicle-as-a-weapon incidents (VAAW), Fleet Source believes it has an obligation to the commercial vehicle industry and general public to develop a set of solutions.

“Unfortunately, the risk of terrorism in the UK is something we all have to live with every day and, as seen in many of the recent terrorist attacks, commercial vehicles are commonly used …. as weapons, resulting in a large number of fatalities and casualties,” says Nick Caesari, MD of Fleet Source.

He also warns of the increased threat to drivers on the road from theft or hijacking that has paradoxically resulted from more stringent security at operator sites as well as stiffer procedures in the hiring of vehicles.

Fleet Source claims TRIP gives drivers an insight into the methods terrorists use and describes the type of risks they face, enabling them to carry out daily security tasks to reduce these risks.

TRIP is a Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training (JAUPT)-approved course that takes seven hours to complete. Modules include content covering VAAW attacks, counter-terrorism laws, and preventative and safeguarding measures to adopt.

“With over 35% of our workforce being from a military and policing background, with many having extensive counter-terrorism experience, we felt we were perfectly positioned to help educate fleet operators, managers and drivers in taking the necessary precautions to make sure they are doing absolutely everything possible to prevent their vehicle from being hijacked or stolen and used as a weapon in an attack. Safety and protecting lives is a part of our day job, and the TRIP suite is a natural extension of what we at Fleet Source provide,” Caesari concludes.

Available in major UK cities, Fleet Source is offering fully funded places to drivers on the TRIP training courses with the central aim of reducing the risk of terrorism and protecting the public. Fleet Source has also developed a Policies and Procedures pack for operators to raise awareness, security and vigilance to reduce the potential threat of terrorist action. For every pack sold, Fleet Source will donate £25 to the UK Solidarity Fund, set up by the British Red Cross to support the victims of terrorism.

Highly Commended: Tevo Modul-Floor

Van conversion and racking specialist Tevo is recognised for the introduction of its robust and lightweight Modul-Floor product. The modular flooring and van wall liners are installed with highly adhesive glue, which is stronger than nuts and bolts and does not require drilling, which can lead to corrosion. It is also well-suited to electric vans as floor drilling could damage underfloor equipment such as batteries or cables. The non-intrusive material prevents damage, thus protecting residual values, and is lightweight, so does not impact payload.

Tevo has taken the click-lock floor concept, long used in offices and homes, and brought it to the LCV industry. The floor surface is made from anti-slip aluminium tread plate, which contributes to a safer working environment.

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