Vision Track’s stated objective was to become the preferred video telematics provider for light commercial vehicle fleets, and with more than 40,000 devices already connected it claims to have succeeded.

And with, its next-generation, internet of things (IoT) platform, which it has developed over the past two years on the back of a multi-million pound investment, it expects to tighten its grip on the market.  

Vision Track says acts as a gateway platform. The cloud-based solution connects to any third-party system and is infinitely scalable, making it compatible with any device capable of transmitting data and suitable for all LCV operations. It integrates with a fleet’s existing tracking system, offering a single visual overview and “indisputable evidence” following an incident. 

Vision Track works with some of the biggest brands in the UK, including supermarkets, airports and delivery firms as well as over 20 leading telematics providers, giving fleets visual evidence of driver actions and behaviour. improves road safety by monitoring driver behaviour and analysing fleet risk. Tool hire firm Speedy Services, for example, says it has seen a drop in incidents of 35% through using the platform, while a further benefit is in reducing insurance fraud.

Gareth Jones, DGSA (dangerous goods safety advisor) and road risk manager for Speedy Services, says: “As one of the first fleets in the UK to achieve DVSA earned recognition, we have demonstrated our commitment to keeping our people, customers and members of public safe by meeting all driver and vehicle standards. 

“As part of this, we understood the need for an advanced and scalable video telematics system that safeguards drivers, prevents road collisions, and mitigates fleet risk. We are working closely with Vision Track – a technology leader that is driving innovation in connected technology and smart transportation – for over two years to take advantage of their unrivalled ambition, expertise, service and support.” 

Vision Track claims that in 2019 processed and categorised over four million event videos and recorded more than 500 million miles of journey data, containing 192 billion data points. This equated to 37 million hours of video, which would take over 60 lifetimes to watch. 

The company says that the platform’s real value comes from the ability to measure and analyse driver behaviour, so meaningful interventions can be taken to reduce accidents and reward and encourage more responsible driving. The result is that is helping to significantly improve road safety and save lives. 

The last word goes to another happy customer. Julian Minta, fleet operations manager, Regeneration and Environment Department, Public Realm, Enfield Council, simply says: “Vision Track’s technology is the best on the market.” 

Highly Commended: Isuzu UK

Worthy of commendation is Isuzu UK for the comprehensive range of advanced driver assist systems (ADAS) it has loaded onto its new D-Max pick-up truck.

All models feature a forward-facing stereo camera that can detect pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicles.

Unlike other cameras in the pick-up segment, Isuzu’s stereo camera has two lenses and gauges distance by comparing the two readings, operating in a very similar way to a human eye. This provides more accurate and reliable readings of the road ahead and can identify vehicles from 120m away. 

Every model in the D-Max range gets forward collision warning, autonomous emergency braking, traffic sign recognition, intelligent speed limiter, lane departure warning, and lane departure prevention.

In addition, double-cab variants are fitted with a rear radar system that enables blind spot monitoring, emergency lane keeping, and rear cross-traffic alert.