LCV market ‘should avoid WLTP chaos’

Date: Wednesday, March 6, 2019   |   Author: Sean Keywood

WLTP testing comes in for vans in September

The introduction of WLTP emissions testing for vans should not cause the same issues it did for cars, operators have been told.

Fleet management firm PVS Group has come to that conclusion in a white paper entitled PVS Talks WLTP Type Approval for LCVs.

However, with vehicle lead times likely to be heading close to the September introduction date for WLTP, PVS advises that operators check their renewal schedules and get in touch with suppliers now to ensure a smooth transition.

The paper, by PVS finance analyst Daniel Tuz, states that the upheaval around WLTP’s introduction for cars, which saw some models axed or temporarily withdrawn by manufacturers, is not expected to be repeated for LCVs.

There should therefore be no need to adjust schedules or bring forward orders, but operators are still advised to check with suppliers.

Tuz said: “Manufacturers appear to have seized the moment and are proactively seeking to avoid repeating, what could be considered by some, an uninspired and lacklustre performance for car WLTP type approval.

“Come September, fleet operators can expect a selection of LCVs to be available for sale.”

As well as WLTP, the paper also discusses the impact of a new VED regime for vans, set to be introduced from April 2021, and the implementation of Clean Air Zones.

It is available to download from the PVS website.






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