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Date: Monday, July 18, 2022

The IVECO Daily is one of the most diverse light commercial vehicles on the market, something we, at What Van? love celebrating via the IVECO Daily Mission Awards. Versatility comes as standard with every Daily and IVECO customers use this to great effect. Not only can this vehicle carry cargo of just about any shape or size, but passenger carriage is also a speciality via the factory-built minibus. Need capacity for crew and equipment? The IVECO Daily crew van is a perfect fit for a challenging dual-purpose role. Available in a multitude of configurations from the factory, chassis cowls allow operators to apply coach-built solutions to ensure their Daily is equipped for their mission no matter how specialised.

We’re focusing on the Passenger Transport & Lifestyle category to share with you some of the most innovative finalists...

The  AA Crew Cab 2

The AA – Northern Commercials

There’s never a good time for a breakdown, but if misfortune comes your way, the sight of the AA coming to your rescue is always a welcome one. However, with cars becoming bigger and heavier – especially with the uptake in electric vehicles – outright payload weight is an important factor for trucks involved in recovery. Created by Roger Dyson, these prototype Dailys have been on patrol with the AA since 2021 and are based upon the IVECO 72C18D 7-seater crew cab 5.1m chassis paired with the HI-MATIC automatic transmission. Extensive use of aluminium in its construction keeps weight down while boosting payload capacity to 3,500kg. Another benefit of reducing overall weight is lower fuel consumption and maintenance costs. Equipped with the Dyson Powerload conversion, these IVECOs host rear stabilisers and an electro-hydraulic loading ramp that complies with the strict safety guidelines outlined by the AA. Its electric winch also incorporates a deadlock brake control system to stop any potential loading mishaps and reduce the risk of unloading damage. 


Purbeck Ice Cream – Hendy 

Combining both form and function is not easy, but this is what Purbeck Ice Cream needed to form a core part of its new mobile ice cream LCV. An IVECO Daily chassis cab 35S14A8 3.450mm wheelbase was chosen after great experiences with other IVECO vehicles within the company, and its ladder frame chassis’s ability to cater to the required payload. The need to carry multiple refrigeration units was critical, and so the versatility of the IVECO Daily made it the perfect candidate. Considering that this IVECO Daily functions as a mobile store, aesthetics were important. First impressions are key and the bodybuilder Spectra doesn’t disappoint. The chic glossy panelling exudes quality while being lightweight and constructed from sustainable materials. Purbeck Ice Cream operates this truck in the UK and France, making navigating potentially unfamiliar roads likely. This hurdle was easily overcome by equipping its Daily with the optional NIS+NAV system that not only aids directional navigation but can also take the IVECO Daily’s specific dimensions into account when selecting a route.


Dynes Motor Group – Acorn Trucks 

Dynes Motor Group recover vehicles in some of the most challenging of circumstances,
and so having a vehicle in the form of the IVECO Daily crew cab 70C18HD that puts safety at the top of the agenda was essential. Equipment such as a four-way camera system ensures the driver has maximum visibility, the reversing siren alerts bystanders to the moving vehicle, and even its red seatbelts are a great asset to highlight their use against high-visibility jackets.
The rising cost of fuel is a big consideration for any operator, and so Dynes opted for a 7.2t Daily equipped with the 180hp engine. This combination delivers the required mechanical muscle for its missions while returning strong fuel economy. Another feature that helps boosts overall efficiency is this vehicle’s aerodynamic fliers that reduce turbulence. The highly functional body was created by J&J Conversions. Another reason for Dynes selecting the crew cab option was its ability to transport customers in comfort. An independent heater and air conditioning system ensures occupants enjoy a pleasant environment. 

The missions

Q1 – Construction and Utility

Q2 – Grounds Maintenance and Forestry

Q3 – Passenger Transport and Lifestyle

Q4 – Delivery

Could it be you that takes home a Daily Mission Award in 2022? Find out more in the upcoming issues of What Van?

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