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Date: Tuesday, May 14, 2019   |   Author: James Dallas


Tevo 2 Modul -System

(Continued from previous page) Tevo, as it was, has long forged a path for itself as a pioneer producer of lightweight storage systems for LCVs that are tough and durable but also make it easier for the operator to remain within the vehicle’s payload limits. An example is its Modul-Floor system, which provides an alternative to ply-lining cargo bays. The floor material, a sandwich construction with high-friction aluminium plates surrounding a lightweight core, is joined together with glue and was a new innovation in the industry, similar in design to the click-lock floor systems commonly used in offices and homes.

The company’s philosophy is to help operators make the most of the space in their vans to save time and therefore money. Suitable interior storage makes journeys far more efficient and with goods and equipment safely stowed, accidental damage in transit is avoided.

The lightweight kit is particularly suited to electric vans, where payload is already compromised by the weight of the battery. With no drilling required to the LCV’s bodywork in the installation of Modul-System’s storage units, the vehicle’s warranty is protected too.

“Our lightweight and no-drill solutions were designed with the conversion requirement of EVs in mind,” says Gear. “And when combined with our lightweight flooring, racking and electrical systems, maximise payload where every kilogramme impacts the operational efficiency and range of the vehicle.”

According to Gear, the racking manufacturer has been focusing on electric LCV conversions for several years as demand has increased with technological advances and changes to customers’ operational and environmental requirements.

“The interest in this area is growing at a rapid pace,” he acknowledges.

“To meet these requirements we continue to develop our electric LCV solutions and to focus on bringing new and value-added products to this market. We will be exhibiting a range of these at this year’s CV Show.”

In a somewhat unexpected move about a year and a half ago, the company launched a smartphone-based fleet management app, Modul-Fleet. Gear explains the rationale behind the decision: “With the introduction of connected vehicles and more vehicle-based technology being available on LCVs, we felt this was an area where we could bring some new ideas and innovation. This has been an ongoing journey and we should in the very near future be in a position to introduce a number of new ideas to the market which will support fleet managers and their fleet operations on a daily basis.”

As a business reliant on a supply chain coming to the UK from continental Europe, Modul-System is hoping for a trade-friendly outcome to Brexit.

“We are hoping for a solution that will best serve the interests of all fleet operators, converters and businesses in the UK,” says Gear.

So what would be the impact of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit?

“We think that as with all UK- and European-based businesses a no-deal result will have an effect on our businesses, and when the facts are known we will work with all of our partners to ensure that any impact is minimalised,” replies Gear.

Meanwhile, there are still a lot of vans out there carting goods around in load bays not fitted with storage systems, which is bad for safety and efficiency, not to mention the operator’s reputation.

Gear says Modul-System works tirelessly to explain to potential customers the benefit of using its modern and efficient racking solutions.

“We work hard to communicate and demonstrate the risk of not securing loads in cargo areas and the impact this can have on the driver, passengers and other road users,” he stresses, “while…sharing the benefits of the efficiencies that can be gained from having a well-organised load compartment, which reduces time in searching for tools, and improving profitability while providing an enhanced working environment.”

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